Missouri's finest puzzle artisan

My Cutting

Standard Cut
My "Standard Cut" is a no-frills style of cutting. It is a strip cut style, cut into regular rows and columns. Fully interlocking, but can be cut in a semi-interlocking fashion, with some wavy/straight edges, on some pieces, if desired. Pieces average about 3/4", more or less. I use both 1/8" and 1/4" thick plywoods for this style. Figure pieces, and other "special" cuts NOT available with this style

Traditional Cut
My "Traditional Cut" is based on an earlet style made popular by Parker Brothers, back in the 1930's, the heyday of hand cut wooden puzzles. It is a freeform style, cut without a pattern. Using this style I canm ost of the time, achieve a fully interlocking puzzle that can be picked up by 1 corner, without falling apart. With this style a whole host of special cuts can be incorporated, and are described below. With this style cutting, my puzzles average approximately 1.75 pcs per square inch. An example would be an 8" (203mm) x 10" (254mm) puzzle will yield approx 140 pcs. Cut exclusively on 1/4" thick 5-layer plywood.

Figural Pieces
Figurals, also know as figure pieces and whimsies, are special cut pieces that are in the shapes of objects, animals, people, geometric shapes, etc... They are incorporated into the body of the puzzle, most of the time, interlocking with the regular cut pieces. My "signature piece" (Missouri "kicking mule") is the only figural I add to every Traditional style puzzle. I can add up to 8 figurals for every 100 pcs of cut puzzle. Example - An 8" x 10" puzzle will have 140 pcs., including 8 figurals (my signature piece + 7 of your choice, or a random selection). I can design special pieces to add to your puzzle, although I have an existing library of several hundred figural images already. Figurals are added at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

(Random selection of figurals, including my "signature piece" in the lower left)

(Here is what a figural (water pitcher, upside down) looks like incorporated into the puzzle itself)

Drop Out Spaces
Drop Out Spaces, or just Drop Outs, are empty spaces in the puzzle, where pieces of wood have been removed, either as a design or as an accent to the picture. I don't do a lot of this, but they do add visual interest to a puzzle. It also increases the difficulty slightly. These can be added AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

(Here is an example of Drop Outs, in the upper left corner, used simply to add visual interest to the puzzle.)

Sculpted Borders and Irregular edges
This pertains to any puzzle that is not cut with straight edges, like a typical jigsaw puzzle might. This could refer to a border with a geometric design cut into it, or some other pattern. It could also be a puzzle that is cut along some color lines around the border, removing the square edges and leaving a border with a "sculpted" look. A border could also be partially sculpted or with a partial irregular edge treatment. This I can do at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

(Here is an example of a full sculpted border, no straight edges whatsoever. You can also see thin drop outs accents around several of the flowers)