Missouri's finest puzzle artisan

I have been making hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles since 1995, soon after relocating to Missouri from California. In those 20 years I have cut mostly commissioned puzzles and have had many satisfied return customers. Over the past several years though, I have been on hiatus, taking time to get married and enjoy being a family man. Now, I have gotten the "itch' to return to my puzzle cutting, with renewed interest.

Many of you may recognize this website, although it has been absent from the web for a few years. This is the all new 2015 version.

Here are a few articles about me and my puzzles (click each thumbnail to read)

Lebanon Daily Record
Dec 5, 1997

Country Heart magazine
Dec, 1997

Lebanon Daily Record
Jan 10, 1998

A little about my puzzles

Over the past 20 years I have cut many puzzles, ranging in size from small (5" x 7") to LARGE (24" x 36"), in all manner of shapes and configurations. Basic puzzles, as well as complex ones. This will continue.

I wll be offering "entry level" puzzles, which are very basic, no-frills puzzles cut on 1/8" plywood, and cut in a strip-cut style.

CLICK HERE to read more about my cutting styles.

I will also be offering puzzles cut in a "traditional" style, similar to the cutting done in the heyday of wooden puzzles. These may include a variety of special cuts, figural pieces, border treatments, drop-out spaces, trick edge pieces, as well as a few others. These puzzles are cut on 1/4" thick, 5-ply board.

My puzzles are NOT cut using any laser's, water jet's, or other computer aided devices. All my puzzles are cut on a scroll saw, by hand, one piece at a t ime, and not stack cut.

cutting on saw

In fact, every aspect of my process is handled solely by me. Everything from initial designing and prep work to packing and shipping, and everything in between. I even make my own wooden storage boxes for my traditional puzzles. The only exception here is that I utilize a local printer for making puzzle prints from photographs.